Enhance your DIY painting project with our comprehensive checklist, ensuring success. When starting a DIY painting endeavor, choosing the right paint is key for professional, long-lasting results. Rossi Paint Stores and Benjamin Moore are trusted choices.

At Rossi Paint Stores, we've been a respected name in the paint industry for decades, offering a wide range of high-quality paints for various surfaces. Our extensive color palette spans classics to contemporary shades, ensuring the perfect fit for your project. Whether it's an exterior update, interior refresh, or specialty task like furniture refinishing, we have you covered. Plus, our low-VOC formulations prioritize health and environmental safety.

Alongside top-notch paints, Rossi Paint Stores provide valuable resources, including expert advice on color selection, techniques, and product recommendations. With Rossi Paint Stores and Benjamin Moore, you gain reliable partners for DIY success, ensuring your space becomes a work of art with each project.

Rossi's Project Checklist

Step One - Space Preparation

The first step in any paint project is preparation of the space. Oftentimes, painters both new and experienced forget about this key step.

Proper preparation includes

  • Plastic to cover valuables
  • Drop Clothes to protect flooring
  • Tape to ensure paint goes where you want
  • Masks, Respirators and Painters Pants in case it gets messy.

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Step Two - Surface Preparation

After preparing your space, next is preparing the surface itself. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the surface have any holes that require patching?
  • If so, do I have spackle, a putty knife and sandpaper?
  • Is the surface fully dry before painting?

Explore our Sandpaper and Compound sections!

Step Three - Paint Applicators

Since we aren't finger-painting, an applicator will be needed. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need a brush for trim and a roller for larger surfaces?
  • If I need a roller, do I need an extender to allow me to reach every part of the surface?
  • Which type of brush will work for my project?

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Step Four - Primers

For most projects, it is recommended that a Primer is used. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my project interior or exterior?
  • Will this project be subject to extreme conditions?
  • What is the end goal for my project?

Visit our Primer section to find the best Primer for your project!

Step Five - Finishing Coats

Now that we have prepared our space for the project, it's time to discuss the finish coat. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What color best fits my project?
  • Do I want a super premium, premium or wallet-friendly coating?
  • What type of durability & sheen do I want my finish to have?

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