Welcome To Our Project Checklist

This section is for our clients who prefer a checklist for their project. To learn more about Rossi Paint Stores products, visit our Product Information Page below.

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Step One - Space Preparation

The first step in any paint project is preparation of the space. Oftentimes, painters both new and experienced forget about this key step.

Proper preparation includes

  • Plastic to cover valuables
  • Drop Clothes to protect flooring
  • Tape to ensure paint goes where you want
  • Masks, Respirators and Painters Pants in case it gets messy.

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Step Two - Surface Preperation

After preparing your space, next is preparing the surface itself. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the surface have any holes that require patching?
  • If so, do I have spackle, a putty knife and sandpaper?
  • Is the surface fully dry before painting?

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Step Three - Paint Applicators

Since we aren't finger-painting, an applicator will be needed. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need a brush for trim and a roller for larger surfaces?
  • If I need a roller, do I need an extender to allow me to reach every part of the surface?
  • Which type of brush will work for my project?

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Step Four - Primers

For most projects, it is recommended that a Primer is used. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my project interior or exterior?
  • Will this project be subject to extreme conditions?
  • What is the end goal for my project?

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Step Five - Finish Coats

Now that we have prepared our space for the project, it's time to discuss the finish coat. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What color best fits my project?
  • Do I want a super premium, premium or wallet-friendly coating?
  • What type of durability & sheen do I want my finish to have?

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